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Exam. Schedule

Examination Time Table 2017-18
Review Test Time Table 2017-18
Date Class - VI Class - VII Class - VIII Class - IX Class - X
  Computer 2nd Lang Physics History Geography
  3rd Lang / Maths Geog / 3rd Lang Eng Literature / 3rd Lang Physics 2nd Lang
  Chemistry Computer 2nd Lang 2nd Languge Chem / Comm.St
  2nd Lang Maths Geog Maths Maths
  History Chemistry History Geography Physics
  Eng Lit Biology Computer Eng Lit. Eng Lit.
  Physics History Maths Group 3 Biology
  Biology Eng Lit. Biology Chem / Com. St. History
  Geography Physics Chemistry Biology Group 3
Review Test Time Table 2017-18 for Class XII
Date Subjects
  Physics / Accounts / Geography
  Hindi / Bengali / P.E
  Biology / Computer
  Chemistry / Commerce / Pol. Sc.
  Eng. Lit.
  Maths / History / Sociology
Note: Kindly note that the review test will be conducted by the subject teachers in their own periods.