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Prefects Body & Student Council

As our school symbolizes "Learn To Lead"

The prefects are nominated from classes IX to XII by the teachers, they are then interviewed by the Principal who is the head of the PBM. The prefects are selected on the basis of their curricular, co-curricular activities and also life skills that they have.

Aims of the prefect body

It is an avenue to develop leadership skills.
Giving them an opportunity to shoulder responsibility.
To interact with groups to bring about discipline.
To be an example as a leader for others to look up to.
To lift their confidence level.
A role player as a public face.
A way of developing their speech skills.
To act as a link between the student Body/Teachers/Management, so as to help us improve and make our institution the best in the City.

Most important to be an example and to create footprints of a marked performer which others would follow in the future.

Prefect Body Senior School (2016-17)
Sl. No. Name of the Post No of Posts Name of the Candidate
1 Head Boy 1 Tushar Singh
2 Head Girl 1 Sanjana Sarda
3 Deputy Head Boy 1 Pranav Verma
4 Deputy Head Girl 1 Atreyi Bhoumick
5 Student Mentor 2 Atreyi Bhoumick, Aayush Goyel
6 Student Captain Outreach 2 Saloni Drolia, Ankush Mukherjee
7 Captain Sports 1 Nikhil Mehta
8 Student Mentor Discipline 2 Raj Thakkar, Saikat Mondal
9 Mentor Sports 1 Yash Khandelwal
10 Captain Discipline 8 Nandini Murarka, Rashika Dutta, Ayush Garg, Aishani Biswas, Aadarsh Agarwal, Himanshu Agarwal, Yash Kejriwal, Aditya Agarwal
11 Captain Literary Activities 4 Nalanda Chatterjee, Abhishek Roy, Shalini Tomar, Arya Jash
12 Captain Cultural Activities 4 Monami Ghosh, Sakchi Agarwal, Shramana Sarkar, Shramana Kar
13 House Captain (Agni) 1 Swarup Banik
14 House Captain (Jal) 1 Arnab Sarkar
15 House Captain (Vaayu) 1 Harshjit mukherjee
16 House Captain (Prithvi) 1 Akshat Meharia
17 Deputy Student Mentor 2 Oindrila Ghosh, Abhishek Sanchetti
18 Vice Captain Sports 1 Arpita Kar
19 Vice Captain Discipline 21 Saran Swarup, Neha Agarwal, Shweta Nathany, Ayush Agarwal, Shudh Mukherjee, Sourav More, Laxman Kanodia, Tanmoy Saha, Pragya Goenka, Rajat Khaitan, Shruti Mahata, Shalini Sharaf, Bhavya Dudheria, Priyanshi Bajaj, Shubham jain, Araham Bokaria, Manav Talwar, Harshit Agarwalla, Vivek Mall, Anurag Chirania, Shrutika Ruia
20 Vice Captain Literary Activities 4 Aritro Sarkar, Shohan Mukherjee, Rishiraj Dhar, Souvanik Bose
21 Vice Captain Cultural 7 Poulumi Chatterjee, Rajdeep Saraf, Sambhawi Sanghamitra, Sahas Agarwal, Daksh Singh, Siddharth Das Sarkar, Rajdeep Mukherjee
22 Vice Captain (Agni) 1 Prakriti
23 Vice Captain (Jal) 1 Atreyo Chowdhuri
24 Vice Captain (Vaayu) 1 Riddhi Bhattacharya
25 Vice Captain (Prithwi) 1 Pragati Jain
26 Band Master 1 Anish Choudhury
Prefect Body Junior School (2016-17)
Sl. No. Name of the Post Class,Section & House Name of the Candidate
1 Head Boy Class V-A Soham Banerjee
2 Head Girl Class V-H Urvi Ray
3 Assistant Head Boy Class V-A Raunak Jha
4 Assistant Head Girl Class V-A Sonvi Jurel
5 Mentor Discipline

Class V-F &

Class V-A

Kanishka Himmatramka &

Rishabh Ranjit Panja

6 House Captain Agni Swapnamoy Das
7 House Captain Jal Dhani Srivastav
8 House Captain Prithwi Vidhi Daga
9 House Captain Vaayu Akansha Jaiswal     
10 House Vice Captain Agni Snehal Bajaj
11 House Vice Captain Jal Diptangshu Biswas
12 House Vice Captain Prithwi Aditya Bhansali
13 House Vice Captain Vaayu

Chandrahas Dash

14 Prefect Class V-B Tushar Agarwal
15 Prefect Class V-B Daivik Bubna      
16 Prefect Class V-C Preksha Agarwal
17 Prefect Class V-C Protyusha Chatterjee
18 Prefect Class V-C Soubhagya Sarkar
19 Prefect Class V-D Vaanchhit Agarwal
20 Prefect Class V-D Shreyansh Agarwal
21 Prefect Class V-D Adriteyo Das
22 Prefect Class V-E Noya Ahmed
23 Prefect Class V-E Priya Paul
24 Prefect Class V-G Tanvi Goyal
25 Prefect Class V-G Aashia Jain
26 Prefect Class V-I Mainak Biswas
27 Prefect Class V-I Muskan Bagaria
28 Prefect Class V-J Sagnik Das
29 Prefect Class V-K Deepkomal Deb
30 Prefect Class V-K Shreya Meher
31 Prefect Class IV-A Livleen Kaur
32 Prefect Class IV-B Jayad Khaitan
33 Prefect Class IV-B Rajshree Kejriwal
34 Prefect Class IV-C Krishna Jodhani
35 Prefect Class IV-D Anisha Agarwal
36 Prefect Class IV-E Harshita Ganeriwal
37 Prefect Class IV-F Urvisha Mukherjee
38 Prefect Class IV-G Gaurav Dhandania
39 Prefect Class IV-H Devika Sonthalia
40 Prefect Class IV-H Suhani Sinha
41 Prefect Class IV-I Arnesha Ghosh
42 Prefect Class IV-J Soham Chatterjee
43 Prefect Class IV-K Devansh Sharma
44 Prefect Class IV-L Siddharth Shaw