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In the cultural melting pot of Delhi Public School Megacity, the 2nd Language Elocution Competition (Interhouse) for students in grades VI to IX blossoms into a celebration of linguistic diversity and eloquence. As representatives from each house take to the stage, adorned with the colors of their respective teams, the air is alive with anticipation and fervor. With languages ranging from Hindi and Bengali to French and Spanish, each participant becomes a storyteller, weaving tales and verses in their chosen tongue. The audience is transported on a linguistic odyssey, as they listen to the melodic cadence of foreign phrases and the lyrical beauty of native dialects. From heartfelt poetry to impassioned speeches, every performance is a testament to the rich tapestry of languages that enrich the school community. As cheers erupt and applause fills the auditorium, it becomes evident that the 2nd Language Elocution Competition is not just a contest, but a celebration of multiculturalism and the power of language to unite hearts and minds across borders.

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