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The 2nd Language Storytelling classes for students in Classes II and III at Delhi Public School Megacity provide a creative and immersive environment for language learning. These sessions are designed to enhance proficiency in a second language through the art of storytelling. Students explore narratives, folktales, and contemporary stories in their chosen second language, engaging in reading, listening, and speaking activities that develop vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.

Delhi Public School Megacity emphasizes interactive learning methods to make the storytelling classes engaging and effective. Teachers incorporate interactive storytelling techniques, role-playing, and group discussions to encourage students to express themselves confidently in the second language. Through these activities, students not only improve their language skills but also develop cultural awareness and appreciation for diverse literary traditions.

The curriculum is structured to cater to the linguistic needs and interests of young learners, ensuring that each storytelling session is both educational and enjoyable. By fostering a love for storytelling and language learning early on, Delhi Public School Megacity aims to equip students with valuable communication skills and cultural knowledge that will serve them well in their academic and personal journeys. These classes promote a deeper understanding of language and literature, nurturing well-rounded individuals who appreciate the power of words and storytelling in shaping perspectives and connections across cultures.

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