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The Anger Management Class for Class V students at Delhi Public School Megacity provides a nurturing environment where young learners can develop essential skills for emotional regulation and conflict resolution. Led by experienced counselors and educators, the class aims to equip students with practical strategies to identify, understand, and manage their feelings of anger constructively. Through interactive discussions, role-playing exercises, and mindfulness techniques, students learn to recognize triggers and early warning signs of anger, empowering them to respond calmly and thoughtfully in challenging situations. By cultivating empathy and effective communication skills, students gain a deeper understanding of their emotions and develop healthier coping mechanisms. The class emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and personal responsibility, encouraging students to take ownership of their emotions and choices. Through a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere, students feel empowered to express themselves authentically and seek assistance when needed. By fostering a culture of emotional intelligence and resilience, the Anger Management Class at Delhi Public School Megacity equips students with invaluable life skills that will serve them well beyond the classroom.

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