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In Delhi Public School Megacity, the Children’s Day Celebration from Nursery to Class V is a delightful extravaganza that ignites the imagination and spreads joy throughout the campus. As the youngest members of the school community eagerly assemble, the air buzzes with excitement and anticipation. The day begins with a kaleidoscope of vibrant activities tailored to each age group, ensuring that every child finds something to spark their curiosity and ignite their creativity. From playful games and interactive storytelling sessions to lively music and dance performances, every moment is crafted to celebrate the innocence, wonder, and boundless potential of childhood. Teachers and staff join in the festivities, donning costumes and personas to add an extra layer of magic and excitement. Laughter and giggles fill the air as children immerse themselves in the joy of shared experiences and the thrill of exploration. Through this celebration, Delhi Public School Megacity reaffirms its commitment to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can thrive, learn, and grow into confident and compassionate individuals.

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