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“Critical Yours” is a unique initiative at Delhi Public School Megacity that fosters a culture of critical thinking and intellectual inquiry among its students. This program, designed to cultivate analytical skills and promote thoughtful discourse, encourages students to engage deeply with diverse perspectives and challenge conventional wisdom. Through a series of interactive workshops, debates, and seminars, students are empowered to question, evaluate, and articulate their opinions on a wide range of topics spanning social, political, scientific, and ethical domains. Facilitated by experienced educators and guest speakers, “Critical Yours” provides a platform for students to hone their reasoning abilities, develop empathy, and refine their communication skills. Furthermore, the program encourages collaborative learning and peer-to-peer exchange, fostering a supportive environment where students feel encouraged to express themselves freely and respectfully engage with differing viewpoints. By nurturing a generation of critical thinkers, Delhi Public School Megacity equips its students with the intellectual tools and confidence to navigate an increasingly complex world and contribute meaningfully to society.

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