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Gandhi Jayanti, commemorating the birth anniversary of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, is a significant event at Delhi Public School Megacity for students in Classes II to V. The school brims with fervor and reverence as students engage in various activities to honor Gandhi’s ideals of peace, non-violence, and truth. The day kicks off with a special assembly where students recite Gandhi’s favorite bhajans and excerpts from his teachings, instilling in them the values of simplicity and humility. Throughout the day, classrooms buzz with creativity as children participate in art competitions, creating posters and paintings depicting Gandhi’s life and principles. Additionally, there are informative sessions where teachers narrate anecdotes from Gandhi’s life, inspiring the young minds to emulate his virtues of resilience and compassion. The celebrations culminate with a pledge-taking ceremony, where students vow to uphold Gandhi’s legacy by promoting harmony and social justice in their lives and communities. Through these celebrations, Delhi Public School Megacity not only pays homage to the great leader but also nurtures the seeds of Gandhian philosophy in its students, shaping them into responsible and empathetic citizens of tomorrow.

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