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Gandhi Jayanti and Mahalaya are two significant occasions celebrated with great zeal at Delhi Public School Megacity, encapsulating the essence of both national and cultural heritage. Gandhi Jayanti, marking the birth anniversary of the revered leader Mahatma Gandhi, is observed with reverence and reflection. Students engage in various activities, including recitations of Gandhi’s speeches, thematic assemblies highlighting his teachings of peace and non-violence, and community service projects, embodying Gandhi’s principles in action. Simultaneously, Mahalaya, heralding the beginning of Durga Puja festivities, adds a vibrant cultural dimension to the school’s atmosphere. The campus comes alive with colorful decorations, intricate rangolis, and spirited performances of devotional songs and dances. Students participate in storytelling sessions elucidating the significance of Mahalaya in Hindu mythology, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for their cultural heritage. Through the celebration of these two events, Delhi Public School Megacity not only pays homage to the nation’s freedom struggle and spiritual traditions but also instills in its students a sense of pride, unity, and respect for diversity.

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