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Interhouse Basketball tournaments for students in grades VI to VIII at Delhi Public School Megacity are highly anticipated events that showcase athleticism, teamwork, and spirited competition. The campus reverberates with excitement as students from different houses come together to participate in this exhilarating sporting spectacle. With rigorous training sessions leading up to the tournament, teams refine their skills and strategies under the guidance of dedicated coaches. As the matches commence, the basketball courts become arenas of intense action, with players displaying agility, speed, and precision in their maneuvers. Spectators, comprising fellow students, teachers, and staff, cheer enthusiastically from the sidelines, adding to the electric atmosphere. Beyond the thrill of victory and the disappointment of defeat, the Interhouse Basketball tournaments foster camaraderie and sportsmanship among participants, promoting values of fair play, respect, and teamwork. Through these sporting events, Delhi Public School Megacity not only encourages physical fitness and healthy competition but also cultivates important life skills such as leadership, perseverance, and collaboration among its students.

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