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International Yoga Day at Delhi Public School Megacity was a vibrant celebration of health and wellness, engaging students, teachers, and parents alike. The event kicked off with a serene early morning yoga session on the school’s lush grounds, where certified yoga instructors guided participants through a series of asanas and breathing exercises. The atmosphere was tranquil, with the gentle morning breeze adding to the sense of calm and focus. Students from various classes demonstrated advanced yoga postures, showcasing their flexibility and discipline, which they had been practicing in their physical education classes. Workshops on the benefits of yoga for mental and physical health were conducted, emphasizing its importance in daily life. The school also organized interactive sessions where students learned about the history and philosophy of yoga, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of this ancient practice. Parents were invited to join, creating a wonderful community experience. The day concluded with a collective meditation session, promoting mindfulness and inner peace. International Yoga Day at DPS Megacity not only highlighted the significance of yoga in maintaining a balanced lifestyle but also united the school community in a shared commitment to health and well-being.

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