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The Play Dough Activity at Delhi Public School Megacity for Nursery to Class I students is a creative and educational initiative designed to stimulate sensory exploration and fine motor skills development. This hands-on activity allows young learners to engage in tactile experiences, molding and shaping play dough into various shapes, objects, and patterns. Through this process, children not only enhance their dexterity and hand-eye coordination but also exercise their imagination and creativity.

Delhi Public School Megacity ensures that the Play Dough Activity is not just playful but also educational, integrating learning objectives such as color recognition, counting, and spatial awareness into the fun-filled experience. Teachers guide students through different techniques and encourage them to express their ideas through their creations, fostering a sense of accomplishment and confidence. The activity promotes social interaction and collaboration as children share their creations with peers, sparking conversations and cooperative play.

Moreover, the Play Dough Activity at Delhi Public School Megacity encourages exploration of textures and materials, laying a foundation for early understanding of scientific concepts like molding and shaping properties. By combining learning with hands-on fun, the school nurtures a positive attitude towards learning and discovery among its youngest students, preparing them for future academic and social success.

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