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Raksha Bandhan at Delhi Public School Megacity is a joyous occasion celebrated with enthusiasm by students from Nursery to Class I, as well as those attending Mental Math’s Classes in Grades II to V. Even the youngest learners eagerly participate in this cherished tradition, adorning their siblings or classmates with colorful Rakhi’s as a symbol of love and protection. Amidst laughter and giggles, the tiny hands carefully tie the sacred threads, embodying the innocence and purity of their bond. Teachers and facilitators guide the children in understanding the significance of Raksha Bandhan, emphasizing the values of love, respect, and mutual support. Meanwhile, in the Mental Math’s Classes, students engage in stimulating activities and games that not only sharpen their mathematical skills but also reinforce the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Through interactive exercises and friendly competitions, they learn to solve problems swiftly and accurately, building confidence in their mathematical abilities. Raksha Bandhan and Mental Math’s classes at Delhi Public School Megacity are not just academic or cultural events; they are opportunities for students to cultivate strong bonds of affection and sharpen their cognitive abilities, laying a foundation for holistic growth and development.

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