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Environmental Awareness

GO-GREEN initiative and creating consciousness among students

It’s a sheer fortune that DPS Megacity is situated in the heart of a stretching, sustained and sense-soothing verdure in the lap of uncomplicated and unpretentious nature. It is a legacy that should be nurtured by our students. We make them appreciate it by making them conscious, indulge in a plethora of activities concerning nature and the environment. The activities undertaken are aimed at sustainable development.

Keeping this in mind the various initiatives taken by our school are as follows:

Eco Club

The school has been declared as a ‘No Plastic Zone’ which is marked at the entrance of the school. Hence the school encourages use of alternative packaging and carrying options are being promoted. Jute bags are being increasingly used by both students and teachers keeping in mind the initiative. To discourage the use of plastic, all school stationary are provided in cloth bags instead of plastic ones. Teachers are encouraged to use jute or cloth bags to carry books.
Eco policing is a programme initiated by the school to involve the school students to fulfill the following objectives:

i. To create a litter free environment
ii. To work towards green campus and a sustainable school
iii. To create awareness amongst students regarding their environment to become responsible citizens in future.
Each class has two monitors who are in charge to switch on and off the lights and fans as and when needed to save energy and build a better future. This also helps the students to build responsible behaviour pattern.
To create environmental awareness among the children from a basic level – where the back cover of every school note book is marked with the logo- the 3 Rs. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. All paper used in the school is recyclable and is sent for re-cycling.
Environment week is celebrated in month of July with enthusiasm and fervor by our teachers and students to spread consciousness amongst the young minds and make earth a better and a sustainable unit to live in.