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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela.

USA Trip of DPS Megacity, Kolkata - A multidisciplinary endeavour
With the emergence of Globalisation the barriers and walls of different nations are laid down and the political demarcations have been removed across the globe.

As an initiative of producing Global citizens DPS Megacity had conducted US Trip(NASA Trip) so that the seeds of space expeditions can be sown in the tender minds of the budding Astronauts .The unique feature of the Trip was to imbibe Multidisciplinary concepts and conventions among the young minds.This multidisciplinary initiative was initiated when unknowingly our students experienced the knowledge of Topography when huge 777 Bowing Aircraft of United Airways flew above the Scandinavian Countries like Scotland, Sweden Greenland and they could see the glaciers of Iceland from. Once they landed Newark Liberty International Airport each one of them had to face individual interview with the Immigration officials and this interaction undoubtedly widened the knowledge of the protocols of International security which was purely a topic of International Relation.Next morning was the day to visit long desired Kennedy Space Center (Hall of Fame).Here the trainers had conducted a simulation session called ATX(Astronauts Training Experience) The students experienced the ride of a Dummy space shuttle and they learnt the technicalities of Space expedition.They made a dummy rocket launch.Each one got certificates of participation of ATX and their interactive skill was highly applauded by the trainers of Kenedy space centre.On the way back hotel a shot halt at Cocoa Beach and the emerald green water of Atlantic was extremely rejuviliating for all of us.Visit to Nasa was scheduled on the next day all the students were taken around the territory of National Aeronautics and Space Administration .Indeed it was a splendid experience which unfolded a Horizon of Human Civilisation. We all got spellbound when we witnessed the APPOLLO-11 and ATLANTIS. The theories of Astrophysics got alive in this visit.Next day was scheduled to take a ride to the world of Fantacy.The visit of Disney Land indeed brought the Heaven down on the Earth a land of Innocence, Serenity and Peace. The fairy characters like Micky, Donald Cinderella got alive .The castles and the Architecture of the Disney reminded us the dreamland which each one of us can see if peep into the down memory lane. Different rides at the Disney broke the shackles of age and for the timing we realised somewhere a child always remain with in each one of us no matter whatever may be our ag e.Our students made a survey on the economy of Orlando and learnt that the economy of Orlando was mainly controlled by the huge pull of Revenue of Walt Disney Land and around 87,000 people are on employment at Disney Land.The visit of Universal Studio on the next day was equally exiting.Specially visit to the Jurassic Park and Harry Potter’s Castle were mind-blowing.Next day we took around 15 hours bus Journey to reach Niagra.Next morning when we reached Niagra falls and took a cruse ride called “Maid of the Mist” it was a life time experience we realised the truth that how insignificant we are before the Nature. Toronto of Canada was visible on the other side of the fall and the whole aura was such as if the dream came true.

Next morning we took a flight to New York and.The view of the Atlantic and different River estuaries again reminded the lessons of Geography. From Newark Airport we had gone to Boston.Next morning we visited MIT and Harvard which are considers as epitome of Knowledge and continue the legacy of academic brilliance for decades. The students were taken around the campus of MIT and Harvard University they were explained the Admission procedure, Marks requisition Scholarship programmes etc.They also visited MIT Sloan School of Management and came to know options available before the Commerce students.They visited the museum of Harvard which was an eye opener .It was a store house of knowledge of different disciplines like differen rocks, Soils ,Gems and fossils were preserved. The Harvard University organised workshops on Leadership, Robotics and Brain DNA Structure.The sessions were indeed very enriching because contemporary developments and researches in the above fields were vividly explained.In the afternoon the students were taken for a Duck Tour.A vehicle called Duck which was driven on the road as well as floated on the water of Carles River.The guide of the “DUCK” took us around Boston and explained the History of Boston and showed us the places of interest in and around Boston. Next morning was the time to come back to NewYork.The students were taken to the wax Museum of Madame Tussauds where the wax models of eminent personalities were preserved.The view of the Newyork from the 82nd floor of the Empire Building was inexplicable. The evening at the Times Square was indeed was a mistry.That evening the students were taken to the Broadway show called Lion’s King.It was an unique experience.The audience was mesmerised by the acting skill and the technology used in the theatre.Before the Broadway show since our students attended a workshop on Theatre so they could connect the latest trends and researches made in Theatre. Next morning was the time to wrap up for India.Since the flight was scheduled in the night so in the morning they were taken to the Statue of Liberty, One of the world’s wonder situated at an Island of River Hudson. Infact it was a gift of Italy to US. The sculpture was impeccable. The students who want to pursue Art as a career must had got immense input from the Statue.

This trip would not have been so exiting without the sumptuous delicacies from the cousins of Italy, Morocco, America ,India and Japan.

Initially this trip to NASA may sound restricted to science students but in this trip the students learnt the art of Currency conversion, Population study, economy, History, Rivers and oceans, Topography, Art and Culture , International relation, Phonetics so indeed it was Multidisciplinary in nature.
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