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Headmaster's Message

Head Master (Senior) Message

  • Mr. Anirban Roy
  • Head Master Senior School
  • Class (VI-XII)
  • As we move towards a knowledge based society we have to empower the child to move away from traditional thought processes and think out of the box, for it is only then that he shall be able to contribute to the knowledgebase of the society. Creative powers can be honed at an early age which will enable the child to think differently and emerge as leaders in life. Empowerment of the child means enabling him with

    - The power to see beyond the obvious
    - To think out of the box
    - To discover beauty in Nature’s processes & Creation

    Every child has leadership qualities in himself/herself. The teacher should act as a facilitator and allow the child to discover his strengths. The child should be imparted with a sense of self confidence. Self Confidence comes from Knowledge. The Teacher acts as a facilitator and catalyst in the child’s quest for knowledge. Self confidence will come when the knowledge acquired is utilised in his domain areas to achieve results.

    A teacher has to inculcate within every child that leadership is a quality which is required in every sphere of human activity and bring innovative solutions to all issues be it academic or real life issues. It is by being leaders that every child can contribute to society.

    At DPS Megacity we have taken a number of initiatives to nurture leaders. I request all stakeholders, Parents, Students and Teachers to join in the wonderful quest of creating Leaders!!.

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