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A Science workshop for the teachers of DPS Megacity Kolkata, was held on “Innovative Pedagogy of Activity Based teaching in Science” on 25th March, 2014.

Venue: Audio Visual Room
The workshop was addressed by our respected Principal, Mrs Indrani Sanyal
Resource Persons: Dr. Mrinal Mukherjee, Mr. Saikat Ganguly

Dr. Mukherjee and Mr Ganguly emphasised that a topic can be taught in a more meaningful manner if we are able to engage the learner in activity based learning. This leads the learner to engage and explore a topic to learn a concept though constructivism rather than rote learning. Several activities were conducted by using simple inexpensive materials like straw, bottles, candles, papers, old calendar strip, carp fishes etc to understand the concept of air , pressure, conduction, convection, density, osmosis, bio mass index etc.

This workshop was highly appreciated by the teachers with an immense positive response and motivated them to inculcate activity based learning in their day to day classroom teaching.

  • Mr. Saikat Ganguly demonstrating
    an activity with simple teaching
    aid such as candles, bottles and
    coloured water to understand the
    concept of density and pressure

  • Dr. Mrinal Mukherjee demonstrating
    an activity to understand the
    concept of soil.