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Delhi Public School Megacity in Kolkata commemorates Doctors’ Day with heartfelt reverence and appreciation, particularly within Classes II to V, where young minds are sensitized to the invaluable contributions of medical professionals. On this special day, students gather in the assembly hall adorned with banners and posters adorned with colorful sketches of doctors in action, symbolizing gratitude for their tireless service and dedication to humanity. Through engaging presentations and interactive sessions, educators impart the significance of this occasion, emphasizing the noble virtues of compassion, empathy, and resilience embodied by doctors worldwide. Students eagerly participate in activities designed to deepen their understanding of healthcare, from role-playing as doctors and nurses to crafting thoughtful cards expressing gratitude to local healthcare heroes. Amidst the palpable atmosphere of admiration and respect, young learners gain newfound insights into the vital role of healthcare in society, inspiring aspirations of future careers in medicine. The celebration of Doctors’ Day at DPS Megacity serves as a poignant reminder of the selfless sacrifices made by medical professionals, nurturing a culture of empathy and service within the school community.

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