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The Drawing and Painting Competition (Interhouse) for students in Classes VI-IX at Delhi Public School Megacity is a captivating showcase of artistic talent and creativity. Held within the vibrant walls of the school’s art studio, students from each house gather to unleash their imagination and express themselves through the medium of colors and lines. Guided by their passion for art and fueled by friendly competition, participants immerse themselves in the creative process, translating their inner visions onto canvas with skill and precision. From bold strokes to delicate details, each artwork tells a unique story, reflecting the diverse perspectives and personalities of the young artists. As brushes dance across paper and colors blend harmoniously, the art studio becomes a hive of activity and inspiration. Teachers and peers alike marvel at the ingenuity and originality on display, as students push the boundaries of traditional art forms and experiment with innovative techniques. Beyond the thrill of competition, the Drawing and Painting Competition fosters a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect among participants, as they come together to celebrate the transformative power of art. It’s an event that not only honors individual talent but also strengthens the creative spirit of the entire school community at Delhi Public School Megacity.

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