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In the heart of Delhi Public School Megacity, the celebration of Milad-un-Nabi resonates with a deep sense of reverence and communal spirit. The campus comes alive with vibrant decorations and the sweet aroma of delicacies, marking the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad. Students and staff gather in the courtyard, adorned in traditional attire, to offer prayers and recite verses from the Quran, embodying the essence of peace and unity preached by the Prophet. The air is filled with the melodious recitation of Naatz and hymns, evoking a sense of serenity and spirituality. Through storytelling sessions and discussions, the significance of Prophet Muhammad’s teachings is imparted, emphasizing the values of compassion, tolerance, and charity. Special assemblies and cultural programs showcase the rich tapestry of Islamic heritage, with students presenting skits, poetry, and songs dedicated to the Prophet. As the day progresses, the school community comes together to partake in communal feasts, breaking bread and sharing blessings in the spirit of brotherhood and solidarity. Milad-un-Nabi at Delhi Public School Megacity transcends religious boundaries, serving as a reminder of the universal message of love and peace that unites humanity.

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