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The day following Vishwakarma Puja at Delhi Public School Megacity is a serene yet rejuvenating affair, as the campus basks in the afterglow of the previous day’s festivities. Students and teachers alike relish the respite from their usual routines, using this off day to unwind and reflect on the significance of the occasion. While classes are suspended, the school remains abuzz with a palpable sense of tranquility and gratitude. Some students take advantage of the free time to explore their creative pursuits further, inspired by the craftsmanship celebrated during Vishwakarma Puja. Others utilize the day for leisure activities, enjoying moments of relaxation with friends or delving into favorite books and hobbies. Teachers seize the opportunity to engage in professional development activities or catch up on administrative tasks, ensuring a smooth transition back to regular academic routines. Despite the absence of formal classes, the spirit of learning and reverence for craftsmanship permeate the atmosphere, reminding everyone of the enduring values upheld by Vishwakarma Puja. It’s a day of quiet reflection and gentle rejuvenation, setting the stage for renewed energy and focus in the days ahead.

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