House Systems

The House System and its Objectives

Dellhi Public School Megacity infuses the child with the spirit of camaraderie, competitiveness and cohesion right at the grass root level though the House system, Agni, Pritvii, ,Jal and Vaayu. Each child initiated into the DELHI Public School is placed in a House and is gradually introduced to the ethos of the institution. Each house has a House Master and House Mistress to whom he/she may turn for assistance at any time. All students from class II and above are placed in the four houses and all activities academic, co-curricular and intemural, are based on inter-house competitions.

The house system was devised to promote team spirit and a sense of belonging to the school. Also, this enables the senior students of the school to provide care more systematically and he their junior schoolmates. The House System provides excellent opportunities for student leadership and peer group support. Aided by dedicated staff members, and house captains, it is a remarkable medium for enabling students of different ages to bond together and operate as a cohesive family. The House system helps support and co-ordinate the corporate life of the school and develops the athletic side of school life along with the purely scholastic aspect, and thereby attains the goal of a liberal education, namely ” a healthy mind in a healthy body. ” The House system provides students with support and encouragement in their academic and co-curricular activities.

Through the daily contact time of morning roll call and a 30-minute House Assembly per fortnight, House staff are able to monitor their students’ progress and cultivate positive relationships. The system provides an exciting division of the mass of pupils into units wherein each pupil has a rightful place and in which he takes pride. Houses are a common and successful way of building a superb school community and spirit. The Houses compete in different sporting, cultural, and academic competitions, and provide an excellent way to synergize pupils of different classes and ages, all of whom have a common goal and purpose.

House Name and Motto

AGNI HOUSE : Fight for what you believe   Captain- Vaibhav Ruia,
Vice Captain- Shiksha Jaiswal
House master : Mr. Rishi Kumar singh
House mistress : Ms. Anuradha Chatterjee
PRITHVI HOUSE : Let truth be your guide   Captain : Dev Goel
Vice captain: Harshita Singh
House master : Mr. Supratim Som
House mistress : Ms. Dhrubani Banerjee
JAL HOUSE : Dare to think differently   House captain — Tabiba Islam
Vice captain –Priyanjali Naskar
House master – Mr. Krishna Kumar Keshari
House mistress – Ms. Bidisha De
VAAYU HOUSE : In union is strength   Captain- Riddhi Bhattacharya
Vice Captain- Anshuman Sharma
House master : Mr. Manoj Yadav
House mistress : Ms. Sagarika Dasgupta

Performing Art

The school has regular music, dance, instrumental music and theatre classes where the talents of the students are nurtured .The teachers work relentlessly to hone the skills of the students.

Among the facilities available are :

Western Dance

Classical Dance


Vocal Music

Instrumental Music

Sports Activities

A large part of the DPS Megacity campus is dedicated to sports activities— cricket, football, athletics, tennis, badminton, basketball, table tennis, martial arts, kickboxing, yoga and shooting. The school is also equipped with a modern gym and two swimming pools. To bring out the child’s maximum potential, we have professionally trained coaches for all sporting activities.

The first hour of the day is utilized to give special training to students who will be representing our school in different games.

During Inter House Competitions students are encouraged to watch the matches motivate their houses and also to get interested in sports.



Shot put (10 Pounds) – 4
Discuss –1.5 kg, 2.5 kg
Javelin – 800 gms, 600 gms
Hurdles – 30 pcs

Martial Arts

Chest Guard Small, Big
Head Guard – Standard
Shin Guard – Standard
Gloves – Standard
Power Pad
Kick Pad

Table Tennis

Board ,Bats, Balls


Basketball, Size 3, Size 6 ball and size 7


Feather 20 barrel, Jonex rackets 20 , Grips 30


Advanced rackets (Graphite), Balls, Grips


Balls No-5, No-4


Balls [Leather], Bats


Net, Balls


Shooting Rifles

Yoga Mats

Art & Craft

We nurture and value the creativity of our students. Students are taught a variety of skills in Art and Craft. Their efforts are often recognized and honoured.

Art Room with our budding artists

A few works performed by the Class I – Class VII students
Art & Craft Art & Craft Art & Craft
Art & Craft Art & Craft Art & Craft
Art & Craft Art & Craft

Environmental Awareness

GO-GREEN initiative and creating consciousness among students

It’s a sheer fortune that DPS Megacity is situated in the heart of a stretching, sustained and sense-soothing verdure in the lap of uncomplicated and unpretentious nature. It is a legacy that should be nurtured by our students. We make them appreciate it by making them conscious, indulge in a plethora of activities concerning nature and the environment. The activities undertaken are aimed at sustainable development.

Keeping this in mind the various initiatives taken by our school are as follows:

Eco Club

The school has been declared as a ‘No Plastic Zone’ which is marked at the entrance of the school. Hence the school encourages use of alternative packaging and carrying options are being promoted. Jute bags are being increasingly used by both students and teachers keeping in mind the initiative. To discourage the use of plastic, all school stationary are provided in cloth bags instead of plastic ones. Teachers are encouraged to use jute or cloth bags to carry books.

Eco policing is a programme initiated by the school to involve the school students to fulfill the following objectives:

i. To create a litter free environment
ii. To work towards green campus and a sustainable school
iii. To create awareness amongst students regarding their environment to become responsible citizens in future.

Each class has two monitors who are in charge to switch on and off the lights and fans as and when needed to save energy and build a better future. This also helps the students to build responsible behaviour pattern.

To create environmental awareness among the children from a basic level – where the back cover of every school note book is marked with the logo- the 3 Rs. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. All paper used in the school is recyclable and is sent for re-cycling.

Environment week is celebrated in month of July with enthusiasm and fervor by our teachers and students to spread consciousness amongst the young minds and make earth a better and a sustainable unit to live in.

Quizzing & Public Speaking

Public Speaking


We have a Public speaking club to instill the art of public speaking in our students which looks into Debates, MUN and other related activities.

Students are taught to speak confidently from an early age and are exposed to different forms of public speaking. Our students take part in various inter and intra school competitions and have been honoured with many awards.

Students of DPS Megacity qualified for the Debating Matters organized by British Council and were the National Champions. They represented the country for the International competition in October 2010 at London.




Quiz Club

At DPS Megacity we have an active and bustling quiz club. Our quiz team has performed brilliantly in recent times.



Trips & Excursions

DPS Megacity United Kingdom Visit


At times journeys to distant lands become essential to us, not because we want to know who and what lie beyond the borders of our immediate knowledge and understanding, but to realize where we exactly stand in the context of a greater and more significant world order.

The smooth silken serenity of the luxury coaches sailing across the picturesque countryside, the solemn grandeur of the Christ Church College at Oxford, the impeccable credentials of the University of Warwick, the enriching awe-inspiring magnificence of the city of London, the smell of embalming, lukewarm history at Bath, the impressive infrastructures at the Universities of Bristol and Aston, the cozy bonhomie at the Birmingham Premier Inn, the chaotic dinner table celebrations at the ‘Beefeater’ – are these and truly much more made up the 14 days United Kingdom visit by 15 students of Delhi Public School Megacity, accompanied by their Principal, Mrs. Indrani Sanyal and teacher, Mr. Anirban Roy.

Of course, the essence of the visit lay in the IELTS certification Course that the students underwent in the Bournville College, Birmingham. Pleasant coincidence it was indeed, that the visit had in its initial phase the opportunity to celebrate the Centenary of the Bournville College. Principal Mrs. Indrani Sanyal, was a special guest to this historic event.

This educational trip, apart from acquainting the students with the skills required for IELTS, provided them with an insightful peep into the society, culture, education and vision of the United Kingdom. It made them aware of the highest standards of education and gave them the necessary confidence to embrace it sometimes in the future.

Mrs. Sanyal had the splendid opportunity of visiting the Bromsgrove School (one of the best schools in U.K) and having a day long and significant interaction with their Principal and Headmistress laying the foundation. For future educational collaboration.

Ms. Sudeshna Chatterjee and Ms. Melessa Dalal of the Internal Office of the Bournville College were largely responsible for organizing this trip. Indeed, the arrangements met the expectations of the students and utmost care was taken regarding safe guarding them in the new environment. The school looks forward to many such trips in the future.

The students impressed one and all, with their general proficiency in the English Language and their level of confidence. Moreover, they were much endeared for their boisterous, yet vibrant spontaneity, their earnest gestures of reciprocation and the unfailing regard they had for all concerned.