Admission Fees

Fee Structure for the session 2024 – 2025

Fee Break-Up Type Frequency Payable Amount (Rs.)
Prospectus & Registration Fee Non-refundable One Time At the time of Purchase 1500/-
Admission Fee Non-refundable One Time At the time of Admission 65000/-
Annual Mis. Charges (Classes Nur-XII) Non-refundable Annually At the start of each academic year 19800/-
Security deposit* Refundable One Time At the time of admission 7500/-
Total Amount Due at the time of Admission
(Class: Nursery – XI)
Rs. 92,300/-
(Ninety Two Thousand Three Hundred only)
Education fee (Class Nursery – VIII) Non-refundable Quarterly By the 10th day of every quarter 18000/-
Education fee (Class IX – XII) Non-refundable Quarterly By the 10th day of every quarter 20000/-
Transport fee Non-refundable Quarterly At the time of opting for transport, by the 10th of every quarter. 12,000 to 12,600
(tentative fee)


Please pay Quarterly Due Amount by Due Dates. Payment beyond due dates attract Late Fines as below:

Rs. 500/- will be charged for the first 10 days after 10th day of every quarter Beginning

Rs. 1000/- for the next 10 days

Rs . 2000/- for the next 10 days

Rs. 5000/- for the next 10 days

Fees & Billing

The amount deposited towards registration and admission for a particular year will neither be refunded nor transferred to any other year.

No student will be allowed to join / remain in school unless all outstanding dues and the current year’s annual fees paid in full.

Fees once paid at the time of admission are not refundable in any case except the Security Deposit amount in case of withdrawal. Security deposit (Refundable) will be refunded only when all dues to the school are cleared.

Fees can be deposited in advance.

ECS is mandatory for Education fee and Transport fee. Filled up ECS Form to be submitted at the time of admission.

Annual Fees are charged for the financial year – April to March.

Annual, Education and Transport fees may increase as determined by the School’s Management.

Tuition fees from 1st Quarter / beginning of the session is required to be paid, irrespective of the date of admission.

Quarterly fee (Tuition & Transport) can be paid online through our online partner gateway:

Once the new session commences, security deposit will only be refunded if tuition fee (and transport fee if applied for transport) up to the relevant quarter is paid, otherwise, it will be considered as forfeited. Transfer Certificate will only be issued against application for the same in requisite format, if all dues are clear. For further details, please refer to the withdrawal section in the school almanac.

Please ensure the full payment of the relevant quarter. All quarterly fees must be paid on or before 10th of the first month of the relevant quarter.

Payments are to be made in either of the following methods: (only at the time of admission)
a) PO/Bank Draft in favour of “DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL MEGACITY, KOLKATA” payable at Kolkata. (To be submitted at selected bank branches)
b) Cash deposit at the selected Bank branches.
c) Quarterly fee (Tuition & Transport) can be paid online through our online partner gateway: http;//
Please note that cheques are not accepted.

Any “extra / excess” fee paid, queried and found admissible, will be refunded after receipt of the application for the same from the parent.

We do not accept Amex Card or Business Card for admission fees or quarterly fees payment in school.