Chairman’s Message

I am glad that DPS Megacity is releasing its new prospectus. The school has completed around 20 years and achieved success in every field. I am sure the prospectus will highlight all amenities and achievements of the school in such a way that parents will be inspired and understand the quality of the education and extracurricular activities being provided by DPS Megacity. My Good Wishes to the school on this occasion.

B. K. Chaturvedi
Chairman, DPS Society

Vijay Agarwal
Pro Vice Chairman

Pro Vice Chairman’s Message

DPS Megacity has successfully completed 20 years as an established institution. Our endeavour has been to create not only a school which deals with academics but a holistic seat of learning where every student is groomed to be a responsible and a creative individual. I am proud to declare that all my staff members and other members of the management body have worked hand in hand to reach the level of success we have achieved today. The Board results, National Level toppers and

The winning of the prestigious award from TTIS for Academic Excellence, Co-curricular Excellence, Maintenance and Ecofriendly initiatives of our school bear testimony to the fact that a cohesive and thoughtfully planned strategy has worked in favour of building a strong institution. I look forward to many more years of such glory and convey my thanks to one and all who have been supportive in my endeavour for the betterment of DPS Megacity.

Academic Director’s Message

DPS Megacity has been able to carve a niche in the field of the city’s educational scenario and this is an apt reflection of the earnest and untiring effort of all concern. Our objective is always to create a happy and healthy environment for the students, to facilitate real education to take place as against empty instructions. This is the reason we always scale up and use existing synergies to grow. We strive to provide more focus to students, to express themselves, to give them more real global exposure and to ensure that they cultivate their individual excellence. I am sure students and teachers will make full use of these opportunities to give vent to their creative talents and leave a mark everywhere as we ever willing to celebrate their success.“ Giving the very best to every child and giving importance to their all round development” is our common objective.

Mrs. Indrani Sanyal
Academic Director

Mrs. Tilottama Mallik
Vice Principal

Vice Principal’s Message

Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.
By – Swami Vivekanand

Children are storehouses of capacities. The job of an educator is to explore this world of theirs and bring out the best in every child. My journey as an educator over two and a half decades has been a commitment in developing their inherent capacities and at the same time inculcate values that eventually guides them towards building a harmonious world of peace and happiness.

Since its inception, Delhi Public School Megacity, Kolkata has endeavoured to transcend learning beyond boundaries. We are devoted to setting standards in helping the children grow into strong, mature, kind and intelligent adults, who can dream and become competent to achieve those dreams.

Keeping in mind that true education is holistic, our well-designed curriculum encompasses academics, co-curricular activities, sports education and life-skills learning. The campus, sports and academic facilities all bear testimony to this belief. As we venture ahead, we provide value-based education and our objective is to strike a balance between state-of-the-art infrastructure and a robust curriculum that opens the door to global platforms for our enthusiastic and adept learners. Activities and events related to value education, environment, health education, games and sports, visual and performing arts, culture and heritage, personality development are effectively woven into the main fabric of school curriculum and our children thrive in this environment.

I extend a warm welcome to all our students and parents on behalf of our esteemed management of the DPS Megacity family and also appreciate the efforts of the Management in providing us with a well-designed infrastructure in facilitating the child-centered education system that we follow in our school. As major stakeholders I am thankful to the parental support that the school has received over the years in successfully designing a futuristic curriculum and a modern pedagogy. We look forward to your consistent partnering with us to achieve our common goal in building an ecosystem that puts above all the interests of our students.

I believe “A strong value system builds a nation “and it is all about the next generation who should be ready to pick up the gauntlet of progress and development of our nation. So, to nurture their young minds and provide them with a congenial environment is what we at DPS Megacity, Kolkata commit to strive at relentlessly.

Anirban Roy
Headmaster, Senior School

Senior School Headmaster’s Message

The beauty of education lies in its indomitable and eternal essence. It is like a river. Nothing, absolutely nothing can obstruct its natural flow. The last two years, under the shadow of the pandemic, has proved it so endearingly. DPS MEGACITY has played such a defining part in this realisation. The school has emerged stronger, more resilient, resolved and accomplished than ever. Under the patronage of our dynamic management and the visionary leadership of our Principal, Mrs Indrani Sanyal, we have had consistent glory in academics, cocurricular and even at national and international competitions. We are there, as the very best of qualitative, competitive and multifaceted educational institutions of the country and in the years to come we are only to going to get even better and stronger. Our students are doing us proud in every regional, national and international forum and there is immeasurable zeal and infinite passion in each and every one of our students and teachers to transcend all barriers and take the school to a realm of unprecedented excellence and accomplishments. With the trust and support of our esteemed guardians, we are well on our way to become an exemplary educational institution of unmatched quality.

Junior School Headmaster’s Message

One of the most important decisions that any family makes is the school it chooses for their child’s education. At DPS Megacity we believe that we offer the very best of teaching and learning that has been specially tailored to meet the needs of the young people. By choosing DPS Megacity you are selecting a school that is committed to ensure that your children meet their full potential. Our goal is to challenge your child academically, make them grow socially and emotionally, and guide them towards independent thinking and problem solving.

Jude Baptist
Headmaster, Junior School

Carol Anthony
Headmistress, Pre-Primary School

Pre Primary School Headmistress’s Message

At DPS Megacity we recognize that each child develops at one’s own pace and in one’s own way physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally. Children are born ready to learn and are interested in the world around them. The importance of the early years now well known as it is during these years that there is a rapid growth and development. Thus it is our endeavour to create a learning environment which is evolved through an integrated teaching approach to ensure holistic development of children.

Counsellor Psychologist Message

Learning is an occurrence that requires enabling environment. It is not something that can be given or pushed into minds. It is not about what has being taught it is about what has being learned. DPS in my understanding is a quality conscious group and focuses on being child centric. Education is not a responsibility on one environment ,it is an amalgamation of interface that an individual has with different environments he she lives through. A child is an individual being going through diverse experiences in various environment he/she lives in.DPS Megacity has a complete procedure to integrate the experiences that the child gains through multiple environments by having Orientation for parents ,Having a complete counseling cell with a full time counselor, Positive Behavior Management model, workshops for children and parents. DPS strongly believes in empowering its team therefore regular teachers training and enrichment programs are organized on academic pedagogical and psychological issues. All this is well orchestrated into a systematic plan to ensure holistic development by creating an enabling environment.
It is truly a school that connects.

Amitabh Mohan
Counsellor Psychologist

(MD HLS India. A leading Psychologist, an eminent Educationist & HR Consultant)