Academic Director’s Desk

Mrs. Indrani Sanyal
Academic Director

Being a Premiere Educational Institute of the city, DPS Megacity has always been a harbinger of change, which has always been reflected in our policies.

Today, the DPS MEGACITY Family completes twenty years of togetherness; a togetherness in which we traversed many terrains, scaled many heights, measured many depths, earned many accolades, and realised many dreams. Twenty years of toil and sweat, triumph and despair, agony and ecstasy – all been weaved into an exquisite embellishment of confidence, respect and identity. Each one of us has brought glory, each one of us has triumphed and each one of us has consummated a dream. Beyond the many awards, accolades, honours, recognitions, what is most important is that we are all together. We translate the dreams of our beloved students into endearing realities, honour the faith of our parents and guardians with passion and earnestness, and shape our institution into the mould of perfection and excellence.

We are twenty today and we are young. We are twenty and we dream and aspire. We are twenty and we strive to define the educational landscape of our great nation.

To each member of the great DPS MEGACITY  Family, we wish