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The 2nd Language Spell Bee for Classes II to V and the commencement of Class Test 2 for KG2 and Class I at Delhi Public School Megacity marked an exciting and academically enriching period for the students. The Spell Bee competition, aimed at enhancing students’ proficiency in their second language, saw enthusiastic participation. Students showcased their spelling prowess, tackling challenging words with confidence and precision. The atmosphere was electric as each round became progressively tougher, ultimately crowning the most adept spellers in each grade. This event not only bolstered their vocabulary and spelling skills but also encouraged healthy competition and public speaking abilities.

Simultaneously, the younger students in KG2 and Class I embarked on their Class Test 2, an important milestone in their early educational journey. The tests were designed to be comprehensive yet age-appropriate, covering foundational skills in literacy, numeracy, and general awareness. Teachers ensured a supportive environment, helping to ease any anxieties the little ones might have had. The assessments aimed to gauge the students’ progress and identify areas needing further attention, providing valuable insights for personalized learning plans. Together, these events underscored the school’s commitment to fostering academic excellence and holistic development from the earliest stages of education.

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