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Raksha Bandhan at Delhi Public School Megacity is a cherished occasion that epitomizes the bond of love and protection between siblings. As the campus comes alive with festive decorations and joyous anticipation, students eagerly prepare to celebrate this special day. Sisters adorn their brothers’ wrists with colorful rakhi threads, symbolizing their unconditional love and the promise of lifelong support. In return, brothers pledge to protect and cherish their sisters, reaffirming the sacred bond of siblinghood. The air is filled with laughter and camaraderie as students exchange heartfelt greetings and tokens of affection. Beyond the traditional rituals, Raksha Bandhan at Delhi Public School Megacity is a celebration of unity and familial ties, transcending cultural boundaries and fostering a sense of belonging within the school community. Through storytelling, music, and interactive activities, students learn about the significance of Raksha Bandhan and the values of love, respect, and reciprocity it embodies. As the day draws to a close, hearts are filled with warmth and gratitude for the irreplaceable relationships that enrich their lives. Raksha Bandhan at Delhi Public School Megacity is not just a festival but a reaffirmation of the bonds that bind us together in love and solidarity.

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