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The “Dressing Up Nature” event at Delhi Public School Megacity for students from Classes II to V was a creative and educational celebration of the environment. The event encouraged students to explore their artistic talents while fostering an appreciation for nature. Each student was tasked with creating an outfit using natural materials such as leaves, flowers, twigs, and recyclable items. The school grounds were transformed into a vibrant, eco-friendly fashion show runway. Students paraded their nature-inspired outfits, which ranged from leafy crowns to elaborate flower-adorned capes, demonstrating their creativity and resourcefulness. Teachers took the opportunity to discuss the importance of environmental conservation and the role of recycling in protecting our planet. The event also included a workshop on how to make eco-friendly crafts and decorations, further embedding the principles of sustainability in the students’ minds. Parents and staff were invited to admire the students’ creations, adding a sense of community and support. “Dressing Up Nature” not only allowed students to express their artistic abilities but also deepened their connection to the natural world, highlighting the importance of preserving and cherishing our environment.

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