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The Sow & Reap event at Delhi Public School Megacity was a delightful and educational experience for students from Nursery to Class I. The young children were introduced to the basics of gardening through hands-on activities that connected them with nature. Each child received a small pot, soil, and seeds of various plants such as beans, sunflowers, and marigolds. Under the guidance of their teachers, the children eagerly planted their seeds, learning about the essential elements required for plants to grow: sunlight, water, and care. This interactive session was designed to instill a sense of responsibility and patience in the young learners as they nurtured their plants daily. The excitement was palpable as they observed the first sprouts emerging from the soil. Teachers integrated the activity into the curriculum by discussing the life cycle of plants and the importance of environmental conservation. The event culminated in a colorful display of the potted plants, showcasing the students’ efforts and fostering a sense of accomplishment. Sow & Reap not only provided a practical learning experience but also nurtured a love for nature and the environment among the youngest members of the school community.

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