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The Carnival at Delhi Public School Megacity is an eagerly awaited event that brings together students, parents, and faculty in a lively celebration of community and festivity. Held annually, the carnival transforms the school grounds into a colorful extravaganza filled with exciting games, thrilling rides, and delicious food stalls offering a variety of treats. It’s a day where laughter echoes through the air as children enjoy activities like face painting, balloon twisting, and interactive booths showcasing science experiments and arts and crafts. The school’s talented students also take center stage with captivating performances ranging from dance routines to musical performances, showcasing their skills and creativity. Parents actively participate in organizing and managing various booths, adding to the sense of community spirit and involvement. The Carnival at Delhi Public School Megacity is not just an event but a tradition that fosters bonds among students, families, and educators, creating lasting memories of joy and togetherness that resonate throughout the school year.

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